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Lighting design can play an integral part of any celebration. Whether it's lighting a cake, a floral arrangement, or a room, you can rest assured that your design will be lit exceptionally.

What’s New: The Rental Wishlist

It’s that time of year where we are all getting our wishlist for the holiday season together, so we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to our Rentals Wishlist!

You may wonder, what is a Rentals Wishlist? How is it different than what I’m used to On-Site offering? Below, we will answer the most common questions, and walk you through the easiest rental quoting process that you can imagine!

When you first encounter the Rentals Wishlist tab on our website, you will be directed to the page you see above. Here you will find a brief introduction to the wishlist (we promise that it’s not a total snoozefest), and you can start building your wishlist below!

Building your Wishlist

On the wishlist, you will find our most popular items for rental including drapery and lighting.

For today’s example, here’s a slice of the drapery page. We have many colors available for drapery as well as textures and sizes. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us! We can make recommendations for something we might have recently added in stock.

Choosing the Product

Once you click on an item, you will get a popup box which shows the item in more detail. Here, you may find additional photos and specs regarding the item.

You can start your wishlist by selecting the quantity you need, selecting the dates it would be needed and time, and clicking “Add to Wishlist”.

Photo Shown Above: Geoff and Lyndsi Photography

Completing the Wishlist

Once you’ve finished compiling all of the awesome items to your dream wishlist, you have just a few more easy steps!

Simply fill out your name, email, phone, and venue information. You have the option to make any notes before submitting your wishlist. If you have any questions at all or want more of a consultation, we can make that happen!

Click *Send List*, and you’re all done! How easy was that? It’s like there should be a button or something!

You will receive a confirmation in your email listed that your wishlist was submitted, and our awesome team of wishlist organizers will be in touch with you soon!

Help! I need inspiration!

Need a little style inspiration for your event? We’ve got you! Depending on the season, we will post a special “Shop the Look” to aid in seeing how it can all come together. You may find things like holiday looks, weddings, mother’s day, and bridal shower looks to name a few. Be sure to check back often for new looks to help get those creative juices flowing!

Also, we conveniently link all of the rental items in the look to easily add them to your wishlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

°Am I able to rent everything on the wishlist? I noticed some items are only available for delivery and setup by On-Site.

There are items that we have designated as “production only” items like crystal chandeliers. These items are more delicate in nature either by weight or material and are only available by installation by our team which falls into our production services. We list all of our items so you can see what we offer, but we are not able to offer these items for a true rental experience at this time.

°What do I need to complete my wishlist once my quote is made by the team?

See your contract for details, but we like to say in general that most quotes can be confirmed by a signed contract and non-refundable deposit. If the dates requested are within a certain time frame (i.e. very soon), the full balance is expected. We make this process super simple with an easy online process to complete not only the signature but the payment as well.

°When I submit my wishlist, am I guaranteed certain items?

The wishlist is designed to be just that, a wishlist! There may be certain dates that the item you requested is not available. We will work with you to try and find something similar! Don’t fret though, we have a large inventory of items.

°Do you plan on offering other items for rental like soft seating, tables, stages, and linens?

At this time, we do not plan on expanding into those areas as there are many vendors in the area who offer these items. We will be glad to give you recommendations of anything we don’t carry.

If you are interested in a larger production or wedding, these events usually require more than a traditional rental. Please contact our team directly, and we would love to meet with you or chat over the phone to discuss your design and ideas! Of course, you can always get started with the wishlist to begin the process.