Spotlight: Tented & Outdoor Events

So you’re having an outdoor event, and you’re thinking “where do I begin?”…

Practical Needs

One thing I know we aren’t big fans of when we’re outside are lines for drinks and the bathroom. While we can’t do much for the drink situation, we have several options for the restroom, enter the Potty Palace!

These units are ultra luxurious, with modern vibes and clean interiors. You won’t find these at your neighborhood construction site. We reserve our restrooms for weddings and events. We have a five station and a seven station option! Complete with air conditioning and tunes for those…awkward moments, we would love to help take the load off of this part of your event day 😉. If the event is at your house but maybe you don’t want 200 people using one or two restrooms, the Potty Palace is a perfect fit as well!

Tent Drapery

Tent weddings and events are such a great “venue” option! If you’re wanting a wedding at home, on a blank canvas with an amazing view, or you just need extra space for your day, tents are a great start! With so many options and sizes, you can customize it pretty well. One of our favorite ways to dress up your tent is with drapery. Keep reading to find out some of the ideas that can help get you started.

Leg Drapery

Leg Drapes are a fantastic option when it comes to dressing up the legs of your tent or structure. We recommend a lighter weight fabric if you’re looking to have leg drapes with any amount of swag. It creates that classic look, no matter how wide. We can also use a variety of materials for leg drapes like linen, polyester, knit, & more! If you’re looking for a more clean look, single wrap leg drapery is also an option. See some beautiful examples of the impact that leg drapery can have below!

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Hardware Draping

A great option for enhancing your tent structure is hardware draping. This can include various levels of covering items such as covering only the main support beams to covering every exposed part of the tent. This also includes tent liners which cover the main roof of the tent. The options with fabric and color are pretty limitless. You would just want to make sure your tent is up several days prior to your event for any kind of draping in the ceiling.

Entry Draping

Your entrance is one of the first impressions that your guests will experience for your wedding or event. Why not make it a W-o-W moment?

If you have multiple entrances to your tent or outdoor area, one of our favorite designs is to make each entry beautiful yet keeping the main entrance the focal point. Florals, cuffs, and any addition like feathers can be a fun way to dress up the tieback. Check out some fun inspiration below!

Tent & Outdoor Lighting

You may not realize how much impact lighting has on your event…until there’s not enough! Tent and Outdoor Events are always in need of lighting. Most of the time, you can always turn it down as the party ramps up, but you wouldn’t want your guests to not be able to see to walk, dance, or simply move around your space. A confident lighting design will not only accentuate your event, but it is also a very real practical need for your guests (and you too!). There are plenty of different ways to light your event, and the all vary depending on the tone and sometimes theme of your event. Chandeliers, string lighting, uplighting, and pin spot lighting are just a few examples of lighting that can take your event to the next level!

Chandelier Lighting

We always say that classic designs are “classics” for a reason! Whether you are looking for a more traditional chandelier or a different style, we have you covered! Looking to mix and match? We can do that too!

We offer multiples of the various types of crystal chandeliers, as well as iron, wood, and more! Our largest chandelier spans a full 7 feet tall and 5 tiers. Our most popular sizes range between 3 feet and 5 feet tall.

String Lighting

There’s something about string lighting that can create a little bit of magic at your event! We carry several sizes such as mini, cafe, Edison, and large Christmas style lights for those holiday parties. Whether you chose to hang them in parallel lines, zig zag, or freeform, they’re sure to be a hit!

Uplighting, Pin Spots, and more

Specialty lighting may not seem an important line item in the grand scheme of your event, but a well rounded lighting plan ties your event together! Uplighting provides ambient light around a tent while pin spots highlight florals and cakes that need to be shown in all of their beauty! Specialty lighting like pattern gobos, custom monograms, and even cold sparks can bring that extra flare to your day!

Outdoor and tented events take some planning, but if you have the right pieces in place, you can have a great event! We always recommend a wedding planner or event planner. Their experience in these types of events can make all the difference! Also, always remember your power and parking situation. If you’re having a band with lighting and/or catering, you’re almost always going to need extra power. Your caterers and parking areas need light too if your time will go into dusk and beyond. Just a few tips that might help your next event be a success!